You’re really brave for doing this! But I do have a question… How come you’re been using baby diapers and Underjams instead of better diapers such as Bambinos or Dry 24/7′s? It seems like you’d actually save diapers and money by not needing to change as much. But maybe I’m wrong.

Aww thank you! I know that bambinos and Dry 24/7s are available online and being that I live with my parents the shock of this dare would be revealed and they are nosy people. So I’m better off using something I can grab at the store by myself. And after using depends that leaked twice as hard as the pampers and underjams…I realized I should take a break from that. Lol
Thanks for your question!

Since you’ve gone so far have you noticed any change in your control?  Would you say it has gotten easier to use your diapers?  Do you feel comfortable going in them at any position (or only standing?)

This is a very good question. I worry about my bladder a little bit. if I ever have to pee strongly. I have to go NOW or else I feel like ill literally start peeing myself. So now I wear them in case I don’t make it. But using my diapers is like noo problem, like 2nd nature. I can go standing,sitting, leaning,crouching,bending over, talking, anything!


I just got over being sick not too long ago!
I was bed written since I had the flu.
But, luckily I had some goodnites to spare
so I never had a reason to leave my room anyway lol

Diapers are so conveniant :)


Ok, I have been wondering about the difference
between the NEW Goodnites vs. Underjams
There are differences…major.

Absorbancy: Underjams are more absorbant. Goodnites cannot handle more than a few trickles at a time, while Underjams can hold a whole wetting or 2 for me. Goodnites tend to leak unecessarily and Underjams never leaked for me.

Comfort: Goodnites are thinner and are the closest feeling to underwear. Underjams are thick and tough material.

Noise: Underjams and Goodnites are equal in the noise factor. Not too discrete but not near as loud as a baby diaper.

Staying together: Goodnites barely ever ripped unless I was being rough in my sleep. The material on the sides is durable for alot. And can have 125+ lbs for the size. Underjams can only hold “85″lbs and tend to rip when stretched to hard. Thin stretchy material.

For any of you who don’t know the difference between the two I hope this helped!
Goodnites are good in comfort, and stretching to fit sizes.
Underjams are good in absorbancy.

Take your pick! :)


Day 9-12 + A Story’s Worth

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Ok, Ok, Ok I know!
I have alot of explaining to do *teehee*
I had a movie to edit in less then 4 days :(
I was stressed and didn’t think about my blog and dare

(Even though I still went through it)
By the way do you like the new look?

Kinda edgy :D


Ok, so another epidemic
I ran outta pampers! *dramatic music* :(
But, seeing how I was busy as I was.
I had no time to buy anymore.
So, I owed a few days to replace what  I had to put aside.

Well, I decided I was tired of the indentations on my skin from the lovely pampers squeezing the life out of my thighs so I decided to experiment and buy something else….
UNDERJAMS! *notice that it is also a pampers co. ;)

They were amazing and I wished I bought them ahead of time
Though, I guess the diapers felt much softer than these however…
Quick review and comparison!

Underjams vs. Pampers Cruisers

Absorbancy: Underjams held about 4 surges if not more of urine while pampers cruisers can only hold about 2 and a few trickles after that.

Comfort: Pampers were the softest! It felt like sitting on a pillow sometimes :) Whereas Underjams were a little more stiff.

Noise: Underjams were far quieter than the Pampers. But, everyone knows that diapers are usually loud. Baby diapers anyway…

Staying together: Pampers stayed together and didn’t rip unless I put lotion all over me (for some reason it made the side just SPLIT). The Underjams ripped constantly and were hanging on by a thread!

So they both have faults but Underjams made it easier to go on with my day. Pulling on like pull-ups and then not needing to change for HOURS.
Which made things convenient at work or on the go

Hmm, I feel like I’m missing things.

For the 13th day I’ll post my day but I want to open it up to questions and answers about anything pertaining to my experiences :)

I will gladly answer them in my next blog and the 14th is the overview Of this whole dare!

See you then!



So, I was at work crying today.

Oh,….all day for that matter.

I was in itchy, rashy, pain!

And everytime I was itchy,

I twitched to prolong the sensation to scratch. Seeing how

1. It’s gross

2. I work with food

3. Doesn’t scratching make your skin drier,

which means it’s even more itchier than before, which means that….*voice trails off*


But, I am using a yeast infection gel, Vaseline, and cocoa butter oil for my skin.

Not to mention the baby powder already sprinkled in my diaper.

And it’s working! It’s alot of work and changing will be 5minutes longer now but that’s ok.

I don’t change that much anyway ;)



It’s 6 more days until this dare is over.

I WILL miss the conveniance of not having to run to the bathroom all the time

(Especially since I am developing a phobia of bathrooms

And all the possible germs they contain! thanks to my germaphobic job)

Who knows, maybe I’ll pop a diaper on during a road trip or family vacation.

I kinda like wearing them.

But, it’s not really accepted by society, so I should just get those thoughts

Out of my head no matter how conveniant or comfy diapers are :(

Which sucks, especially now that I have worn them 24/7

I get up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep unless I pee in my diaper.

I wish I could explain this but, I can’t.

All I can say is all the warmth given off helps me sleep and stay sleep.

And I hope I can still sleep w.o doing so after the diapers are all gone :(


And what if I start relying on diapers? Or forget and pee on myself?

Oh, *faints* the worries of a female.


TTYL guys! *waves*

Please ask me questions about my experiences I would love to answer them! :)


Day 7 + Rash…. +No power

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Diaper Status: SOAKED!


So, as I thought I was never going to get one. I got one

Yes, a rash. Well, maybe it’s chaffing marks.

They are near the spot where chaffing marks would be…

There was no power at work today.

Nope. Not any. And so this means we all had to clean clean all day.

This also put a damper on my changing schedule.

I ended up being so bored I drank alot.

I was so comfortable and used to the diaper

that it slipped my mind I had to use it.

I ended up filling it to the max.

But, I had to also keep running back and forth bending here and there

and trying not to smell because I forgot underwear under my skirt!

So it was just diaper as my undergarment today.

Oh great.

So, after running around in a full diaper I started getting sharp pains.

“Oh…bummer,” I thought. “I hope it isn’t a rash!”

And surprise! lol. So, it hurts alot .

I’m trying to use Vaseline to help ease the dryness of it.

But, I don’t know what I should do!

I still have 7 more days left!

And this pain is right where the edges are in the diaper on both sides.

It hurts as I am typing this blog.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some :(

Side Note

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There is nothing funner than walking around the house

In a bra and a clean powdered diaper.

It’s so comfortable!

This is definately a plus when I’m home alone

(Which I am)

and get to be relaxed and chill!

And yet it keeps me warm

because wearing a bra and underwear in the fall/winter…

Makes me cold.


I know so random.

( I DID say it was a side note)

Well later until tonight!

Day 5 & 6 + New Ritual + Messed

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Diaper Status: SOAKED

Today AND yesterday were the same.

I was so tired and gloom yesterday.

I didn’t feel like blogging *shrugs*

Mellow, rainy and gloomy.

Went to work and only used 2 diapers the whole day!

New Ritual

I have a new ritual to save money on diapers, wipes, and grocery bags.

To use the diapers until they are literally soaked and sagging.

What I have been doing is changing about every other wetting.

After realizing 20$ was spent on diapers in a week and a half,

I decided an intermission was definitely necessary!

So, after only using 2 diapers in one day, I felt like I saved money…

And a constant changing hassle!

And I have learned to get used to this whole being soaked thing

Since my bf bought me baby powder, and some more wipes.

Now I ACTUALLY have a lesser chance of getting a rash.


And I have come to the conclusion that pampers cruisers

Can hold 10 hours worth of pee after drinking a water bottle and coffee!

That’s absolutely amazing <3 And it will definitely take advantage of that from now on!

[If you can't handle bowel movements  I suggest you stop reading]


So, as I have been debating…about whether it was fair or not….

I finally messed my diaper.


Gosh, it’s not a wonderful experience to me.

I know some people enjoy it but, not me.

[I decided to try it at work before I clocked in.]

I drank about 2 things of coffee which is like a laxative for me

And about 30min later. It worked.

And so I pulled the diaper down in the bathroom stall and….well..went. lol

It wasn’t as messy as I was crying and complaining about

(If I had diarrhea than it’s understandably messy)

It seemed like it smelled worse since it wasn’t in the toilet and on ME.

So, after I was finished I dumped the contents into the toilet, cleaned up, and re-diapered myself.

This took about 7minutes roughly (The whole process)

I almost felt pro when I looked at my phone seeing how fast it was. :)

I left feeling relieved, but yet kinda unsatisfied. I will never do so ever again.

So, I’m glad i got it over and done with. *whew*


So, anyway, I have to wrap this up but these few days have been quite an experience.

Well, until tomorrow cya later!

Day 4 + Long day & Short blog

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Diaper Status: Little Wet

Time: 10:54pm


Today was kinda long

I only used 3 diapers today.

I drank everything like normal.

I wonder if I’m just trying my best to use these diapers to their potential


I need more.

Note to others: Buy a jumbo pack of diapers!

You WILL run out.


I’m kinda getting used to this whole

peeing in front of people when it’s a GROUP of people.

It;s one thing to do it at work, but another in front of your best friends

AND trying to be inconspicuous !!


But, I got this :)

I’m really happy from all the support I’m getting for this project!

I really have compassion for others.

It’s amazing. How “In someone’s shoes”

Can change your perspective on others and life


Well, I should shower and sleep off into diaper land lol

Good bye all. <3 :)